About two months before you plan to get your dreadlocks time, stop using hair conditioner. It’s really important that your hair not be overly soft. We already have soft hair, and by conditioning it we make it harder to lock up.

If you’ve used conditioner forever, you’ll feel like your hair is extremely dry. It’s not, and this is a temporary phase. You’re just getting ready for a unique journey!

There are a couple of decisions you need to make. Some people like neat and tidy locks, and others like a more organic look, made by the neglect method. You’ll have to decide which way you want to go before you get your locks put in. You may just want to stop brushing and let it happen as it will.


Another issue is how hard or soft you want the the dreads to feel. As they tighten, they often feel a little bit coarse on the outside. To me, this is fine and I don’t need to add any sort of product which might get stuck on the inside of my dread and create residue. However, some people like to use moisturizer to make their locks feel smooth. If this is you, just be sure use a product with no silicones and no alcohols.


A month before your appointment, begin using a good clarifying shampoo. Clarifying means that it will remove the residues including those from old shampoos and conditioners. Clean hair locks better. You don’t just wanted clean – she wanted squeaky clean.


Go ahead and order some essential oils for your scalp. Many people recommend peppermint, lavender, and tea tree oil. If you prefer it, try dandruff shampoos for their anti-itching properties. Your head is probably going to itch after having your dreadlocks installed for the first time, because of the tightness of your hair. Be prepared.


The week before you get your dreadlocks, color your hair if you’re planning to color it. Do not perm it.


Four days before dreadlocks day, wash your hair with your clarifying shampoo. Don’t use conditioner or any hair products.


The day you get your dreadlocks, consider taking ibuprofen or other medication beforehand to offset the headache you might get from tight hair.