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There are tons of soaps and shampoos especially made for dreadlocks. You can also DIY your own shampoo. Your shampoo might be the most important part of your dreadlocked journey. I say that because a shampoo that is wrong can ruin them, causing you to have to deep clean your hair early or even cut them off and start over!

The really, really good news is the industry has been moving toward more natural/healthy/organic products for years. Plus, there are many dreadlock-specific shampoo products on the market. That said, we unfortunately have to read our labels to be sure.
Here are some shampoos we love, that are GOOD for you – meaning they don’t contain most of the ingredients that don’t work for dreadlocks, and we’ve heard positive things about them.


Good Lox Shampoos

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In no particular order:


Many people swear by the tea tree spearmint; I like Nag Champa. Dollylocks shampoo is sitting in my shower stall right now. It’s a great shampoo. The only objection, according to The Super Spouse, is the smell is strong. Or maybe that’s cause my hair is so long, who knows. Anyway the way I get around it is by using half clarifying shampoo and half DL. No more complaints.


There’s also a Dollylocks Tightening spray, shown below.
Use on damp locks and palm roll for great maintenance at of dollylocks tightening spray



Pure Coconut Oil Soap, by Nutribiotics.

Wow. Made in California, it’s organic, has 3 ingredients, no parabens, no sulfates, no animal testing, and you can use it for literally everything. Available unscented  or with essential oil









Knotty Boy All-Purpose Shampoo Bar

Have you tried this one yet? Reports are it’s a little hard to wash out.

The ingredient list, though, makes you say yum.

Oil of palm, coconut, and castor bean for starters (Isn’t castor bean toxic?). It’s probably the glycerin, in our opinion unnecessary, that feels hard to wash out. 6 flavors to choose from.

Tingle Shampoos

Ahhh the tingle! To many, a tingling scalp equals clean. We like two of these. The first,

Jamaican Mango & Lime

is a trusted brand with several different products to its name. We like the money-saving 2-pack 





There’s a great Jamaican Mango & Lime Locking wax (this one’s the resistant formula) will lock up even the most argumentative straight hair.


Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle

Another tingle shampoo is Trader Joe’s – the easiest on the wallet in our list.


Essential oils and botanicals, and hundreds of rave reviews.


Next up, The Bad shampoos