Essential Oils for Dreadlocks
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Your dreadlocks are new, or maybe not, and your head is itchy. You know not to wash too often, and you’re trying hard to follow the rules but – itchy. ITCHY. Here are some essential oil recipes to try.

I want to caution you to

  1. Always use a carrier oil
  2. Always buy the best quality oils you can find. Lots of oils don’t even contain what they’re supposed to if you get the cheap ones.

For controlling oil production and soothing itchiness/inflammation:

Clary Sage * Do not use if pregnant

How: mix 3 drops Clary sage to 2 T carrier oil. Massage into scalp for a few minutes, leave on your head for 15-20 minutes.

Instead of clary sage, try Frankincense oil. Just a couple drops to the carrier oil.


For antifungal/antiseptic uses, especially if the dreadlocks smell or head is inflamed.

4 drops Eucalyptus oil

3 drops tea tree oil

2 drops lemongrass oil

Add all to 1 cup of water in a spray bottle. Spritz on dreads and scalp twice a day


Anti-dandruff oil

3 drops tea tree oil

3 drops rosemary oil

5 drops lavender oil

4 drops cedarwood oil

Add all to 2 oz jojoba oil. Mix well and apply to scalp just before shampooing. Massage in, then cover with a hot towel. Rest 20-30 minutes, then shampoo out.

Another Dandruff oil

1 drop tea tree oil

2 drop Patchouli oil

2 drops Rosemary oil

1 drop Thyme oil

3 drops Lavender Oil

Add all to shampoo. (I use a 2 oz. cup, add oils, finish with shampoo, stir and use) This can also be mixed with a carrier oil and massaged into the scalp prior to shampooing.


Itchy scalp, not necessarily dandruff

Itchy scalp happens when your scalp is trying to adjust to the changes brought on by having locs and no longer brushing out your hair (distributing oils) every day. It’s not always dandruff. For itchy scalp try this.

3 drops Peppermint oil

2 drops tea tree oil

3 drops Rosemary oil

Mix all into 3 oz. filtered or distilled water. Spray on scalp. Repeat as needed.


Locs Helper Spray

This helps locs to lock faster, without the dried out feeling you get from sea salt spray.

1 Tbsp fresh aloe gel

1 Tbsp lemon juice

½ cup water

Mix all and pour into a spray bottle. If your local water is hard consider using distilled water instead. Use the spray on locs after maintenance and every few days to speed locking.