What is this site about?

Hello there! I mean no disrespect to anyone regardless of… anything. I started this site because I’m a Caucasian woman who wears dreadlocks, and there isn’t that much correct information out there for people like me. I called it straight hair lox to be least offensive but anyone with any hair type could possibly find themselves in this site. Basically if your hair is not black/African American/ 4A, 4B, 4C hair, this site is for you. Note that you or I might call ourselves one race or another, but our hair has a mind of its own and can act like another race’s hair. We don’t care, if you feel like you belong then you do. Please stay and browse the site if you like, we offer peace and love to all.

How long does it take for my dreads to get started?

If you go to a loctitian, your dreads can get started right away. But it can take a long time for them to truly lock up and be mature. Most people say their truly mature at around 18 months, although that varies widely.

My head is itchy! Will this go away?

What is your head itchy before? If not, this is brought on by your new dreads. Essential oils can help, as can dandruff shampoos that don’t leave residue.

I seem to have a lot of new hair loose hair on my new dreads. What can I do?

Dreads do this, especially if they are new. If you’ve washed them a lot you’ve probably loosened them up. Get a crochet hook and work those ends back in, or do a lot of palm rolling. They won’t do this as much once they are mature.

I have a dread that’s gotten really thin. What should I do to it?

If the week part is very close to the bottom, you could just cut it off. If it’s further up, and you don’t want to go to a loctitian to have it fixed, get some real or synthetic care and use a needle to sew it back together. You can hide the stitching inside and no one will notice. You can also take your crochet hook and work it back in by pulling lower hairs into upper hairs and vice versa until it locks up.

I don’t want to be one of “those” lock wearers who look like they never wash their hair, but my hair looks dirty! What’s wrong?

Most likely, it’s your shampoo. Once you’ve started your dread journey, you want to avoid anything with extra ingredients to make your hair shinier, plumper, or moister. Instead, look for a clarifying shampoo. That should fix it!

When can I put extensions on my dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks should be completely locked before extensions are attached. That means they should be matted and have a core. Some people find that there is are completely locked at six months. Some people can take longer, especially if the locks were loose to start with or they started out using the wrong shampoos, and sometimes if they went with the free-form method.

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