Woman with dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are not an easy-care style. Even if you choose the neglect method, there’s still a little maintenance to do from time to time. You’ve got to separate them at the roots after washing.  You’ve got to be sure you use good quality products. And if you want tidy lox, it’s even more complicated – you have to twist, back-comb, or crochet, and have regular maintenance sessions

But today let’s talk about trimming. My first dreadlock extensions were human hair, but they were ethnic hair – very different from my straight, silky hair. I wanted to trim them but I had no idea how to do it with all that curliness. Once I got brave enough I asked someone to take a pair of scissors (craft scissors) and cut off about 3-4 Inches. She cut 9 inches. I could have cried. They didn’t even look good.

Now having vowed to never, ever cut them again I went to my trusty loctitian and asked how in the world do I trim them. My extensions, she said, can be combed out or trimmed and then combed out. They can also be flat-ironed, should I want un-dreaded ends. Who knew?

Anyway, back to trimming. Should you trim at all? Apparently yes – you trim in order to kick-start the hair into growing again. You also trim to keep the ends healthy and smooth, with no split ends.

Let’s Get Trimming

First, you’ve got to decide how much to cut off. It’s best to ask someone else since we rarely step back and see our whole picture. Remember that if they—the lox not your friend– haven’t shrunk yet, you need to probably wait until that happens.

Then check if they really need a trim. I trimmed mine because every time I bent over to feed the dog my waist-length dreadlocks went into the dog food. Most people would wait until they looked overly dry, or the ends all seemed very split.

Next, don’t just jump in and start cutting. It’s important to have good scissors. Go buy yourself a really good pair of hair styling scissors. this pair (below) is deemed one of the best by hairstylists.

The next step is to decide how much to take off. If you’re cutting it yourself you also have to figure out how to reach the dreadlocks that are behind you on the back of your head. Some people pull them all forward over the shoulders and snip. It is easy to see them that way. It’s also easy to figure out how much to cut if you do it this way.

For extremely long hair, you can reach down with the help of 2 mirrors, and snip along the edges.

All in all, the occasional trim will keep your lox happy and healthy. And we all know it’s all about those lox!


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